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Aderans Hong Kong Limited
was set up in April 2017,
as a wholly owned subsidiary of Aderans Group.



Aderans Hong Kong Limited
was set up in April 2017,
as a wholly owned subsidiary of Aderans Group.

Our business philosophy is to bring a smile to as
many customers' faces as possible by helping them
build confidence through our total hair solutions.

We strive for product excellence, pioneer technologies
and sincere customer experience.

Chief Operating Officer, Representative Director and President  Yoshihiro Tsumura


Hong Kong Head Office Unit 1504, 15/F, One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Established April 24, 2017
Paid-in Capital HK$13,500,000
Management First Directors:  Yoshihiro Tsumura
           Masaaki Furukawa
           Shigehito Suzuki
General Manager: Polly Chan (stationed in Hong Kong)




Aderans staff across the world work together to provide total hair solutions just for you.

Aderans Co., Ltd. has contributed to the development of total hair-related solutions since 1968 as the No. 1 provider of associated products and services in Japan.

  • Advanced Technologies
  • Production Facilities
  • Four Major Brands
Advanced Technologies
Cyberhair and Vital Hair, our exclusively developed artificial hair,
have won applauses globally.
Production Facilities
To ensure the highest quality, Aderans has our own production facilities to provide a one-stop service to our customers.
Four Major Brands
Through our four major brands: ADERANS for men, FORTAINE for women, BOSELEY for hair transplant and HAIR CLUB for non-invasive hair growth services, we provide a one-stop service ranging from wig products to scalp treatments and hair transplants and strive to expand our global presence with excellence.


Message from the Chairman and President

Since its establishment in 1968, the Aderans Group has been a leading provider of total hair solutions. To achieve our management vision of “Becoming a Good Company” we have always been dedicated to the creation of products designed to please our customers, providing them with thoughtful and attentive services.

To provide effective ways of dealing with hair problems, and to bring smiles to more people, we have expanded our total hair solutions business worldwide in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our corporate mission, as the Aderans Group, is to utilize our hair-related business to help as many people as possible acquire the physical and emotional qualities that underpin the realization of dreams and promote a good impression, and in so doing, bring smiles to faces and support happy lives. Guided by the three pillars of our management vision “ECSR Sampo Yoshi”, which incorporates Customer Satisfaction (CS), Employee Satisfaction (ES), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) . The Aderans Group, as a whole, will strive to realize its shared goals of “Product Excellence,” “Technological Excellence,” and “Heartfelt Omotenashi (Hospitality ),” in order to establish itself as a global brand which can make a contribution to the entire world.

We humbly request your continued support and encouragement.

ADERANS股份有限公司會長兼董事長 根本信男


Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Aderans Company Limited
Established March 1, 1969
Paid-in Capital ¥12,944 million
Head Office 13-4 Araki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0007
Main Business Hair-related business, control and management of business activities undertaken by subsidiaries and affiliates.
Number of Employees (Consolidated base) 6,103 (As of February, 2016)
Number of Subsidiaries 54 (As of April, 2017)



History (As of April, 2017)

1968 September Begin operation in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
1969 March Company established with a capital of 2,000,000 yen.
1970 March Established Fontaine (Co) in Osaka as a sales company for their new product Fontaine wig made by Kaneka (Co).
August Kaneka (Co) receives all stock and changes the company name to Fontaine (Co).
1979 January Fontaine established, inherits business from the old Fontaine (Co)
July First corporate body established in the United States as Aderans Corporation of America.
1985 August Fontaine Co made into its subsidiary.
September Stock registered in the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1986 October Aderans Thailand established.
1987 January Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section.Capital: 7,088,000,000 yen
June Made International Hair Goods Co into its subsidiary.
1988 December Listed in Osaka Stock Exchange 2nd Section.
1989 March Made Rene of Paris Co into its subsidiary.
1990 January Aderans Taiwan established.
April Started expanding into women-only salons.
1992 January Aderans Europe established.
March Made the companies listed below into its subsidiaries. Gesmofra (Now the Aderans France office) Camaflex France, Monfea Mode, Camaflex Germany, Monfea Moden, Camaflex Belgium
September World Quality Co established.
1994 March Made Van Nooijen into its subsidiary.
November Aderans Holding Co (Now the Aderans America Holding Co) established.
December Fontaine Co stock registered to the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1997 May Aderans Siam established.
July Stock now sold in 100s and 1000s units rather than individually.
Listed in the First Section in both Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange. Capital: 12,276,000,000 yen.
1998 March Made New Concept Co into its subsidiary.
September Made General Wig Co into its subsidiary.
November Fontaine got listed in the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1999 September World Quality Co and Aderans Thai obtains ISO-9001-14001.
October Tokyo Hair Beauty School established.
2000 May Aderans Korea established.
2001 August Made Bosley Medical Institute (now Bosley), Starling Accommodations Co, and Bosley Medical Canada Co into its subsidiaries.
December Japanese Conference of Hair Business (Nihon Mouhatsugyo Kyougikai or NMK) is started. Registered.
2002 January Aderans Philippine established.
May Made Trend Co into its subsidiary.
June Aderans Research Institute established.
September Aderans Singapore established.
2003 December Acquires Fontaine KK as subsidiary (stock delisted)
2005 January Made Carl M Lundh Co into its subsidiary.
December Aderans (Shanghai) established.
2007 March Bosley International Holdings Co established.
May Bosley Mexico Co established.
July Aderans Medical Holdings Co established.
August Made MHR Co into its subsidiary.
September Due to a spin-off, Takayoshi Okamoto is assigned to be the Company
President of Aderans Holding (Aderans Co before) and Katsuji Tokumaru is assigned to be the Company President of Aderans Co (new).
2008 February HT Support Service Co established.
2009 November Aderans Hair Goods Co established (Integration of International Hair Goods Co, New Concept Co, General Wig Co, Rene of Paris Co, and Aderans Retailing Co.)
2010 May Bosley absorbed MHR Co and Aderans Medican Holding Co.
September Aderans Holdings integrates Aderans Co and Fontaine Co and changes the name to Unihair Co., Ltd.
2011 July Unihair changes the name to Aderans Co., Ltd.
2012 September Made Le Nouvel Espace Beauté SA into its subsidiary.
2013 April Made HC (USA) Inc. into its subsidiary. Aderans Lao Co., Ltd. established.
Brought Reizvoll Co., Ltd. under consolidation.
Brought Hi-Net Co., Ltd. under consolidation.
Stock delisted.
Aderans Hong Kong Ltd. established.
2014 May Aderans Lao Co., Ltd. established.
2016 July Brought Reizvoll Co., Ltd. under consolidation.
October Brought Hi-Net Co., Ltd. under consolidation.
2017 February Stock delisted.
April Aderans Hong Kong Ltd. established.