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What makes me most happy is that no one can tell I'm wearing a wig!
I had so many questions the first time I bought a wig but the staff at Aderans was very friendly
and answered all my questions. They also trimmed my wig to perfection.
After sales service gives me peace of mind.

(60years old)
The hairstylists at Aderans explained how to wear and care for my wig with such patience and in such detail. I am very happy with their service.
(70years old)
I bought 2 wigs at the same time because they felt so comfortable.
I actually liked the style recommended by the hairstylist even better!
Of course I am very pleased with the product. I am equally pleased with the consultation
process and the service provided by the hairstylist.

(50years old)
I bought a wig elsewhere before when I was losing
hair due to cancer medication.
This time, I bought one from Aderans and no one noticed it's a wig! My friends said,
'We are so pleased that you needn't wear a wig anymore!'
They were so amazed when I told them the truth. I am genuinely happy with your product.

(40years old)
The hair looks great and very natural. It's easy to wear too.
I am amazed by the realness of Aderans' wigs! Also very pleased with the expertise,
cutting skills and personality of the hairstylist.

(50years old)
I am so used to wearing a wig. It has become a part of me.
I am happy because no one ever noticed! The hairstylist has also provided excellent service.

(70years old)
The wig blends in my own hair seamlessly.
I can even change the hairstyle as I wish.
The after sales service was excellent. The staff gave me all the necessary information.
I have really enjoyed the experience.

(80years old)
I don't have to go to the shop for maintenance. I can do it at home if I want! It saves me time. My wig looks so natural. People don't know it's a wig and just compliment that I look younger now!
The hairstylist was really thoughtful. I am also very happy with my wig.
If I tell people it's wig, the response is usually 'It looks so natural!'
or 'I can't tell at all if you don’t mention it!'

(60years old)