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Intensive Scalp Treatment MEN’S CARE Professional Treatment

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Intensive Scalp Treatment

Cuticles are first opened up for better penetration of the lotion. The nourishing ingredients are then sealed inside by a stabilising agent.

Intensive Scalp Treatment

Repair and Nourish

  • Breakage due to over styling
  • Our Intensive Scalp Treatment helps reduce breakage and split ends.
  • Severely damaged hair, exposed without cuticles.
  • Our Intensive Scalp Treatment helps restore the surface and keep it intact.


Services include

Based on our standard Scalp Treatment,
we focus on bringing back the strength and bounce and repairing damaged hair.

  • IC Tonic & Massage
    IC Tonic & MassageMassage with our IC tonic helps the scalp lotion penetrate the hair strand.
  • Application of Lift Base/Repair Base
    Application of Lift Base/Repair BaseLift Base/Repair Base is applied to aid absorption and help the protective ingredients remain on the hair strand so hair can be replenished.
  • Steaming & Cooling
    Steaming & CoolingSteam helps scalp lotion to penetrate into the hair strand.
  • Shampoo & Application of After base
    Shampoo & Application of After baseAfter base with bigger molecules is applied to seal the nourishing ingredients inside the hair.


Intensive Scalp Treatment (75 mins)

※Extra treatments are added between Step 3 and Step 5 of the Scalp Treatment.


  • 熱線 營業時間 / 10:30~19:30
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Hair texture feels totally different.
After treatment, I combed through my hair with my hand and it feels totally different. I didn’t expect such results at all after just one treatment

Office worker, in his 30s
Feels like a luxury spa
The hairstylist washed my hair with a lot of care. Now I understand why women love hair spa!

Fireman, in his 40s
More volume
I feel and see increased volume after each treatment and always go for a different hairstyle the next day.

Office worker, in his 30s
I actually see the bounce and lustre.
Bounce and lustre? Now I know after the trial! I want to continue the treatment because it really works!

Farmer, in his 20s
The ingredients penetrate slowly and deeply.
I feel that the ingredients really penetrate into my hair with the help of steam.

Office worker, in his 30s