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Hair Evolution

Feather light,
Natural and Comfortable! This is Aderans.

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The hairline is so natural that even follicles are mimicked.
The hairline is so natural that even follicles are mimicked.
The closer to the forehead, the finer the hair is used. Hair is tied on by single strands and together with a wavy edge, a natural hairline of perfection is achieved. Our wigs look so real that even scalp analysing equipment is fooled. Totally natural, whether it's the parting or the centre point.
Advanced Hair Tying Techniques
Advanced Hair Tying Techniques
Hair is hand tied on our newly developed, specially constructed, ultra fine base by skilled workers. Using our 'Pull Through' technique where the hair on the first (bottom) net is pulled through the second net, the appearance looks like 2 strands of hair growing out of a follicle. Incredibly realistic and totally undetectable.
Shampoo and style as your wish
Shampoo and style as your wish
With a new attachment method, you can wear a Hair Evolution wig continuously, even going swimming and playing active sports. Feel free to wash your hair every day! Blow dry, like your own hair. Style as your wish.


Hair Evolution USER'S VOICES

Even short styles are surprisingly great!
The hairline doesn't show even when the hair is short! It's really helpful. I can wash my hair freely after playing baseball or other sports
and style it with
products for work.
Whether it's 'on' or
'off', I am happy with
my hair now!
Mr F.M
Peace of mind
It's very light, so even when it's my first time to wear a wig, I feel confident and happy. No worries about strong wind or rain either. Even I can't tell it's a wig!
Mr I.M
Now I can enjoy sports fully!
It works for any occasion and it's very important. The attachment method is easy. In short, I love it! It still stays fresh after I play
sports or stay
outdoors for a
long time.
Mr I.T

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